• It is weird what you do when you are sick. I was making mac and cheese for wingnut but instead of putting the powder in the noodles I put it in my hot chocolate.
  • Blaster is now comfortable around Luna and is willingly laying down next to her.
  • There is nothing better then relaxing with a book, coffee and cat. šŸ™‚
  • We got a hydrodynamics set at goodwill. Wingnut loved it but I think I will put it on the shelf until he gets just a little bit older. Some of the parts were hard for him to put together.

  • There are caches that only paying geocaching members have access to and this was one of them. For our sign we decided to make one out of Lego’s.
  • On the way up to the cache Wingnut made a hatchet out of a rock and a stick. He loves that thing.
  • We went to Snake Lake in Tacoma with Wingnut’s Home School Group. We came across some ducks and Wingnut took some time to draw them in his nature journal.