It is amazing how fast your life can change. Everything was running smoothly with my son and then wam, bam everything changes. We discover he has some learning challenges that we have to work through and then a medical issue pops up: a cyst between his big toe and second toe. I feel like I am never home anymore; I am always going to some kind of doctors appointment. He has his appointments for his speech therapy, occupational therapy, specialist for his cyst and then my dentist appointments. It has boiled down to all I have time for is cooking, cleaning, and home schooling. These three areas are taking up all my time, so for awhile I might not be making a lot of posts here. I am still around and plan on posting more when things settle a bit but right now it is really low on my priority list.

Cooking has evolved around here to where I now cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel like I spend all day in the kitchen. I am changing our diets around here mainly to help my son. I have done quite a bit of research on the gut mind connection and have decided to start the GAPS diet at the beginning of the year, in hopes that it will help my son. It is amazing the things you try for your kids: things you would never have tried if they did not exist. I have been slowly weaning myself from things that are not allowed on the diet so that it won’t be such a shock to me and I will be able to function better to help my son when he starts. So far, I cut out all sugar, not just desserts but everything that has any kind of sugar in it. This means I have to cook everything from scratch. I can not believe how almost everything you buy at the store has sugar in it. The new thing that I have cut out is grains. This was a hard one for me because I LOVE bread. This elimination means no eating out anywhere, unless I want a salad. Note, if you do not know what this diet is about, these restrictions are only until your gut heals then things get added back in slowly. Although, sugar never really gets back because it is just plain not good for you. Grains are the last thing to get added back in.

Cleaning has been a nightmare lately because with all the new things taking hold in my life my routine has been broken. I am now trying new ways to keep up on my house work and yard work so it does not get ridiculously behind. So far a modified version of flylady seems to be working for me. I set one day a week where I take one to two rooms and deep clean them, wash all bed linens, and sweep and mop all floors. Then on the other days I just do the daily chores: dishes, laundry, wipe down toilet. This seems to be working so far.

Home schooling has been a bit of a struggle lately due to all the appointments. Since all the appointments are 30 minutes away, it really breaks up the day and makes it feel like you can’t get much done. I am getting better though, I just have to be a little more time oriented. I recently found out through my sons occupational therapist about an alternative school that works with homeschooling families by giving support and offering classes that are harder to do in the home like drama, PE and science. Yesterday, I signed wingnut up. Starting next Monday he has four classes and he is very excited about it. The thing I like is I am there with him in his classes. Also, it is only one day a week!

This is what I have been up to and hope that your day to day life has been good to you. 🙂