Back in January we inherited some chickens from my husbands parents. There homeowner association decided to change the rules and they could only have three chickens. That ment that the other six had to move in with us.

I have really been enjoying them and absolutely love watching them peck and scratch all over the yard.

Wingnut has the chore of bringing in the eggs and it has been quite the learning process. At first he would put them in his coat pocket and forget about them so then he would end up with pockets of goo. Then he got a wild hair up his, you know what, and decided it would be funny to throw eggs at the chickens. The last couple of weeks have been getting better but I have a feeling he will come up with some new way to break eggs. I think, even though it sounds a bit mean, I might start having him skip breakfast if he breaks an egg. So basically he will be breaking his breakfast. We will see if that helps, it is just so wasteful.