A little while back I shared my science in a bag idea; which works in theory until it comes to implementing it. You would think with having everything ready you would be doing science everyday. Nope, it did not happen. This was the second time using one of the bags; a total of four months since the first. I know shame on me.

Well, today we got one out. Wingnut picked the Hover craft. I think it was only because it had a balloon in the bag, lol.
This thing was a pain to make. My first attempt with using superglue did not work. So what I ended up doing was just wrapping the balloon around the nozzle and then duck taping the whole thing to the CD. It worked wonders; gotta love duct tape! So instead of taking the balloon off to blow it up and then putting it back on, which was a pain, you just pick the whole thing up and blow it up from the bottom of the CD.

I got the idea for this project from Scribbit.