This month one of the Outdoor Hour Challenges was for twigs. The suggestion was to bring a twig home and observe it and for once wingnut was willing to do it. Woot!
We started out with a walk to get outside. Even though the temperature was thirty-five degrees it was quite warm in the sun.
We took our dog who was overjoyed to come with us 🙂
For once he wanted to draw in his nature journal. I was just going to take the twig and point out the different parts but he went to the shelf and pulled out his journal on his own. I had him draw on the notebook page that I got from Handbook of Nature Study’s new ebook. Then, we cut the pictures out and glued them into our journals.
As suggested we put the twig in water to watch the buds bloom.
Here is how I felt about this weeks challenge 🙂

Update 2/18/2012: I posted some pictures of when the twig bloomed.