For this months Handbook of Nature Study the suggestions were; thistle, maple seeds, November world, and seasonal weather. This post is all about seasonal weather.
Our rainy weather has begun here which has caused wingnut to ask many questions about rain, so I decided we could make a rain gauge.
This is the gauge on 11-11-11 just after putting it outside.


This one is from 11-24-11 and as you can tell it even got tipped over once.

As you can tell in the last picture it is overflowing. We have had so much rain that there has been some flooding just outside of town. With all this rain I took wingnut to see the creek that I take him to when we go to the library; it is one block away. We got to see how all this rain affects the creeks and rivers by making the water move faster and the level of the water go up. We had fun throwing leaves in and watching them fly by in the currents.