For this months Handbook of Nature Study the suggestions were; thistle, maple seeds, November world, and seasonal weather. This post is all about maple seeds.
There was a funny coincidence that happen when the newsletter came out, the day before we were at the park and I saw some helicopters, that is what I have always called them, so I showed wingnut how to throw them up into the air and watch them come back down. Well, the next day when I saw that we were going to study maple seeds, I was excited; I knew exactly where to go. When we went to the park hundreds of maple seeds had fallen to the ground. The park maintenance crew had blown all the leaves into piles, which allowed us to have easy pickings of the seeds that were left all over the grass 🙂

We observed the seeds up close.

We even planted three of them.

They have not sprouted yet and after some research they most likely won’t sprout till next year; not sure if they will stay in my window sill that long.