Last weekend we took a trip to visit my parents who live by the beach. We spent most of the day just hanging out and enjoying the sand and water. The highlight of the day was when we fed the birds leftover bread. We noticed that there was one bird that would not land and just kept circling and hovering over us. When we got a closer look, we noticed that it did not have any feet. Click on the image to see it better and you will see for yourself that there is no feet

My dad then threw a piece of bread up, when the seagull came by and it would catch it in the air. If you click on this picture it will play a short video of the bird catching it in the air.

My dad then made it take a piece from his hand. I am telling you this bird was not afraid at all. It is amazing how animals learn how to adapt.

If we did not feed the seagull it would hover a couple feet over our heads and I was worried that this would land on us and not the beach, lol.

We did see other things besides birds :). These were some giant kites someone set up, talk about beautiful. I love the bright colors against the dreary gray sky.

On the trail next to the beach they set up some whale bones from one that beached there awhile ago. It had been vandalized so a lot of the bones were missing; so sad.

Sand is amazing.

The little guy looking at birds through his binoculars.

He had sooooo much fun that day.

We did a bit of word practice in the sand.

Father and son.

And a couple more birds we saw.