For this months Handbook of Nature Study the suggestions were; fall colors, chipmunks, leaves up close, and house sparrows. This post is all about Leaves up Close. I must confess up front that wingnut was not interested in this project. I did keep trying to engage him by trying different activities which I am going to share with you.

We started out with a nature walk to look for leaves. No matter what I tried I could not lure him into even looking at a leaf.

So then we moved on to an art project; leaf rubbings. Finally something he was interested in doing! I picked some nice big thick leaves from my laurel bush for the project.

While he was making his rubbings we talked about the veins and what they do.

Wingnut added one of his rubbings to his journal and I transcribed what he said about them. (picture by wingnut)

The last activity I tried was to watch how colored water goes through the veins of a leaf.

But, still no interest.

But I was thoroughly amazed by this ๐Ÿ™‚