I have been volunteering for a local farm this year, mainly doing stuff around their garden. A couple of weeks ago the farm and a local Boy’s and Girl’s Club hosted a mini petting zoo and they asked me to take some pictures. This was my first time taking pictures for someone else and I was really nervous. I am only sharing the pictures that don’t have people’s faces in it because of privacy reasons.

Wingnut came with me and he was such a good boy; especially since I was busy taking pictures and he had to fend for himself. My little boy knows how to manipulate people. This lady in the picture below was completely bamboozled, by wingnut, into getting him some water and then sitting with him to talk.

Wingnut is such a socialite. He made several friends and one of them did not want to leave because he wanted to play with wingnut. Also, wingnut had to greet every kid he saw 🙂