This is a little late being posted because our first day was actually on the 11th. But better late than never right πŸ™‚
We started out with where we left off in the letter of the week program, which was on K. In some ways I feel he is beyond this now but I think I will complete it anyways. I think it will make him feel good to accomplish something. He knows all his letter sounds so it is more for the secondary skills the program provides like pattering and pre-writing skills.
I got the first set of Bob Books from the library to see if he showed interest yet; he did! We are on book two now but he stops half way through. He wants to move on to the next book but I tell him that he has to read this one before we can move on to the next book, so he keeps trying.

He asked to take a picture of me. I think he just might become my photographer πŸ™‚

The following pictures are ones that wingnut took.