For this months Handbook of Nature Study the suggestions were; pears, milkweed, cobwebs, and leaf-miners. On this day we inspected cobwebs. We started out with a walk around the yard finding all kinds of webs.

While out looking at spiders and their webs told wingnut spider facts. Wingnut learned that spiders have eight legs and that they use their webs to catch their food.

We also learned an interesting fact about the web itself.

I had no idea that this was the case and so both of us experimented by touching different parts of the web to see if it was sticky or not.
Wingnut found a dried up piece of a plant that had a cobweb on it so we brought it in to look at while we wrote down in our journals what we learned.

The interesting part of this little cobweb was that I had this piece of plant with me while we walked about outside for a while. When we were looking at the web in the house wingnut found the spider! It was so tiny; not even the size of the eraser on a pencil.

Wingnut’s Journal.

My nature Journal.