A friend of mine asked me to watch her son for her and I jumped at the idea because wingnut needs to be around other kids if I am going to home school him. My friends son is a little younger than wingnut and I forgot how important it is for younger kids to have sensory play. When he came over he was touching and getting into everything, which is not that big of a deal because my house is wingnut proof. I just needed to guide that interest into something more interesting and fun for them. So I got out wingnuts old sensory bin and we walked to the store to get ingredients to make cloud dough. By the way, I loved this stuff just as much as they did.

I got the idea here. To make the dough you use baby oil and flour, then mix it up.
Then we did some water play in the sandbox which was a huge hit as well.

When everyone was done outside we came in and did some art.

The knobbed cylinders actually got some use by my friends little boy. It made me realize that wingnut is past them now and that I should take them off the shelf to make room for other stuff.

This play date made me recognize how much my son has grown. When you are just doing the daily grind, you don’t notice these things; at least I don’t.