I threw a party for wingnut, which made him the happiest little boy 🙂
The inside activities.
A germination stencil.

What do plants need to grow game.

Parts of a seed game and plant to food matching game.

The outside activities.

Seed starting necklace station. They took a ziplock bag, placed a piece of paper towel in it and then added a pea. Next, they put some water in it and added some yarn to make it a necklace. I also provided a printout of the stages the pea would take in sprouting so that they could follow along. I got the pea chart from this garden pack.

Plant marker station. They were able to decorate the marker however they liked. I also provided some foam flower stickers for decorating which was a hit.

Painting station. Each child brought their own clay pot to paint.

Dirt station 🙂 Not only was this pile of dirt great for planting there peas but when the kids were done they loved playing in the dirt.

Some of the children’s beautiful artwork!