No pictures just an update for my records.
The last couple months wingnut has showed quite the interest in his school work and has made a few leaps!

Math –

Hubs is working on saying the number names with wingnut and he now can say 1-7. Now we are working on associating the name with the quantity and the amount of fingers he shows. He is starting to realize that money pays for things he wants so a money lesson will be coming soon. He is getting better at patterns but still needs some practice. He now knows which is a circle, square and triangle. I have no hope of him saying the names anytime soon. I purchased the geometric cabinet shapes without the cabinet so as soon as I get that set up we will start on some more shapes. He has been really interested in his geometric solids lately and making things out of them. He knows cube and sphere. It is funny, I leave a basket out with just a few of the solids so that he has a visual reminder that there is more in the box, well when I put different shapes in there he gets upset and put the sphere, ellipsoid and ovoid back into the basket. I think those are his favorites.

Colors –

I am going to order the third color tablet box soon so I decided to start working on the colors more. He can show me about 75% of the colors that I call out. We also are working on him saying the color words. He can say black, pink, blue, green and white. You would think red would be easy to say but he has a really hard time with it.

Phonics –

The little guy is getting really good at this. He knows more than half of the sounds and he can say several of the letter names. I bought the All About Spelling curriculum to use with him. So far we are still on lesson one because it has you memorize most of the letters sounds before moving on.  Also, some of the letters have more than one sound which is a new and difficult idea for wingnut to grasp. So I found a game called penguin eater where you feed letters to the penguin. He loves it. I made sure I printed out multiple letters for the ones that have more than one sound so he can have a visual triger to remember them. So far it is working and starting to progress faster. Also, he read his first sentence the other day. It was kind of a fluke. I am getting some little books ready for future lessons and had my husband see if he would read it. He did 🙂 It was not perfect or smooth of course but he did it. One thing I have learned with my son and it might be this way with other children, I don’t know, is that going at his pace and putting things in front of him when he shows an interest is the best way to teach my little guy. If I try when he is not ready, I get no where. So, I am not going to have him read any more books any time soon until he shows an interest in that area.

Speech –

I have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs about his speech and it is moving along. But I noticed something recently. For instance, when we try to get him to say multiple syllable words by having him say each syllable separately and then to put them together, he gets all confused. Either by switching syllables or by saying something completely different when put together. Like we were trying to get him to say Cameo, the name of a girl who babysits him some times. He could say Cam, e, and o all separately but when he puts them together he would say Cam, o, e, switching the e and o. Or like yesterday I was trying to get him to say red. he would say the r and ed separately but then when put together it was some other word altogether. I talked to his teacher about this and she was not concerned and basically said it was that he was not ready for it yet. He also has a new favorite word, why? Everything is , why? lol.

Geography –

We have moved on to the continent globe! He can point to Antarctica because it is white and I told him there was snow and ice there 🙂 I am working on North America and he points to it about 60% of the time.

Social Skills –

Well we had an interesting parent teacher conference and basically she said without actually saying the words that Wingnut was a bully. This hit me hard because he is not like that with us. Could be because I am pretty strict and he knows if he does something bad he gets timeout. At the school they only do timeout for hitting and the rest of the time they just try to coral and deter him. So we have been working hard on teaching him that it is not nice to be mean. One day the teacher sent home a note that listed everything he did that was bad that day. Some of it was trivial and some not so much like throwing a juice box at another little boy. He got punished and we made sure that he knew it was from what he did at school. Well, after working really hard with making him understand what mean is and why not to do it we got a call from the teacher letting us know that he is doing much better!!! Such a relief. It is not an easy thing to know that your son is mean.

There has been a lot of other random things he has been learning, everyday skills, bones, dinosaurs and plants 🙂