1. Pick a tree in your yard or on your street and look for its new leaves and blossoms if appropriate.
We picked our cherry tree.

2. Is it just beginning to show leaves? Can you tell if your tree has all of its leaves yet?
Our cherry tree is just starting to get leaves. It will be fun to go out there periodically and watch its progress.

3. Can you see any insects or birds in your tree?
There were no birds when we went out to look at the tree but wingnut did find an ant climbing on the trunk.
4. Compare two leaves from the same tree. Are they exactly alike?
Since the leaves were not quite ready to pick we compared some buds that had not started to open up and some that had just opened.
5. Use your nature journal to record a sketch of the leaf and any blossoms.
The top picture is wingnuts. He decided to add a dinosaur to his drawing. The bottom one is mine, lol.

It was cute, while we were outside I asked him what his favorite thing about the backyard was and he pointed to the garden 🙂 I was expecting him to point to his sandbox or some toy but he didn’t.