The second goal for the Real Food Challenge was to eat all local and organic meat. Let’s just say I am pretty frustrated right now and can not wait for the farmers market to open back up. Since I want it to be local, I can’t buy generic organic meat at the grocery store. The local food co-op only had ground turkey, maybe they just needed to restock, I don’t know. I do have one local place that I got some steaks, sausage and some pork tenderloin but this week it is only pork. Because we live in a rural area, I think we will have to save our money and buy half a cow and half a pig a year. We already do that with our chickens and purchase 12 a year from a local farm. Well, the first year we actually raised them ourselves and slaughtered them. It was a good learning lesson and now know that we will just shell out the extra dough and buy them. One item I really need to find is BACON 🙂 We love our bacon around here and have been missing it since I can’t find it locally.