In my quest to find slightly sweet items to add to my diet, for when I am craving sugar, I found this website featuring yogurt with honey-lemon jelly.

The recipe in the post for the yogurt was for raw milk and since I don’t drink raw milk, I used a different recipe for my yogurt.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to drink raw milk but the risk of something happening to my son because I choose to give him raw milk would be devastating. I do try to get our milk as close to the natural form as possible. I found a local dairy that does not use antibiotics, grows there own feed so no corn, is not homogenized, and is vat pasteurized.

Boy is that milk good and I make sure I budget that extra money so that we can have good milk.

Back to the recipe 🙂 The lemon-honey jelly is so good. I used regular lemons, so mine is a bit tart but I like that. Next time I will only half the recipe because it makes so much and I use such a small amount in my yogurt.

Also, in the post it mentions making yogurt in your crock pot. I tried it the way she said but it did not work for me. I think it is because she used an old one and mine is one of the new ones where the container comes out so is not insulated like hers. So I did an experiment where I put water in the crock pot on warm to see what the temperature would stay at. Yogurt needs to sit at 80 to 100 degrees for at least 8 hours. Well the result was that it got too hot. Then I came up with an idea to put a spacer at the bottom to raise the container up a little ways from the elements hoping that it would not get so hot. It worked perfectly. If you want to try this at home, the height I had to raise it to be the right temp was about two inches.

Oh and it is good with homemade granola as well 🙂