So I know I said I would share some pics of the rabbit awhile ago and I am sorry for the delay. All I will say is, since they are both boys, they love to express there dominance and it seemed like every time I went out to take a picture they would just end up doing that, lol. Wingnut named the brown one Hop and I, the worst namer in the world, named the gray one Gray 🙂

It is amazing to me how different the rabbits are is their personalities. The brown one is very laid back and the gray one is the adventurous one. We originally started out having them in a pen in the yard during the day but the gray one quickly figured out how to escape, while the brown one was content to stay in the pen. So we decided they would be much happier if we sealed up the yard and let them be free during the day. Boy do they love that!

Luna loves the rabbits. Sometimes we will bring them in the house and Luna will lay down and sleep with them. She is such a good dog. Outside, Gray likes to play with Luna and chase her around the yard.