I know what works for some children does not work for others but I learned early on with my son that it was better to teach him the right way to use something instead of saying no. If I just said no, he would do it anyways and get hurt but if I showed him the proper way he could do it with out getting hurt. Case in point, knifes. Awhile ago I gave wingnut a lesson on knives because I could no longer keep them out of his reach. I showed him that there was a sharp side and a flat side. I also showed how to hold the knife and when he needed a little more help to cut through something to use his other hand but to make sure that the tips of the fingers were up and NOT curled under. Well, now he is cutting carrots, yes carrots all by himself. I still have a heart attack every time I see him using a knife. But I just tell myself he has to learn some time and everyone has a knife accident at some point. I know I have. I think if his motor skills were lacking I would not let him but since he has never had a problem in that department I went ahead with it.