Wingnut has been having a fascination with bones lately. I am trying to find activities that revolve around bones like these cards of different bones and where they are on the skeleton. He loves them and can now point to certain parts of his body when you ask where a bone is. He knows ribcage, pelvic girdle, vertebrae, humerus and skull so far. If anyone knows of a fun bone activity please share it with me.

We have been working with numbers lately, he is really good with 1-5. He reconizes the different quantaties and can show you with his fingers what number it is. Now we are working with him reconizing the written number to the quantity and saying the words. So far he can say one, two, eight, and ten. I have been trying to get my husband to help with teaching wingnut because I think it is important for him to learn from both of us. So he is the one that is getting him to say the number words. He came up with a game where wingnut would get tickled if he woke up his finger by saying the correct number name. Wingnut loved it!

Here he is stepping on the number I call out 🙂