I am trying to teach wingnut about growing plants. I needed something really fast to show him how things grow. That way he won’t try and pick the seeds out or dump the dirt like last time. I saw that growing wheat grass was going around blog land and noticed how fast it grew and new I had to try it. This is the day after we planted it!


This was three days later.

I bought a bag of onions and this was in there so I decided to plant it for wingnut.

We went to the Children’s Hands On Museum and he had a blast. Although it was really packed this time and being the active son that I have he would take off running and weave his way through people and get away from me. One time he got out of my sight and I started to panic. Luckily I found him quickly. Next time I go there and realize how packed it is we will be leaving.

Practical Life: Washing dishes ;p

I mentioned earlier how I am really bad at routine. So I made a routine board (not an original idea) I downloaded these cards and made a morning, noon and evening row. Every morning we go over what we are going to do that day and then as they are completed he takes them off the board. He loves this, thankfully. Starting this week I am going to add the calendar and weather board I made. More on that next week.