Lately my emotions have gone completely haywire. I am either happy, crying, or mad. The first two do not bother me but this angry thing has to stop. Normally I am the kind of person who lets things go. If something is annoying me and it is not worth the effort to say something I just say oh well and move on. But lately it seems I can’t do that. Now when something annoys me it starts to smolder. Then it bursts into flames. The flames start growing and growing to where it can’t be put out and then I burst. Then when it is put out it simmers for quite some time afterwards. I don’t like this feeling and it is happening more often. Especially at my husband. An example is the other day he put dirty dishes in the sink when previously I asked him not to. We only have one compartment on the kitchen sink so if it gets full of dishes you can’t use the sink. I told him to either stack it on the side of the sink or put it in the dishwasher. So when I noticed the dishes in the sink, I could not stop thinking about it. Eventually I burst and yelled, yes yelled another unusual thing for me, at him. Then when his answer was not satisfactory to me, in other words he said he just won’t put dishes away now, it simmered till the next day. This has to stop! Hopefully it is just something that happens when you are pregnant and goes away when you give birth; otherwise I have a lot of work ahead of me to stop this. Has anyone else gone through this when they were/are pregnant?