I have several pregnancy related books I am reading at the moment, and I thought I would give my opinions on them in case someone else needs to do some pregnancy reading.


New Mother’s Guide To Breastfeeding – This book someone loaned me. For the most part it is informative but I felt like they used a lot of filler words. They could have condensed the book down to half the size. There was some informative info that I had not read in my other three books, so that was nice. I am just glad that I did not pay for this book.

Your Week By Week Pregnancy – This book I bought because it tells you how big your baby is each week and how it will be developing for that week. This book is mainly just for fun. I feel like they put information you should know about sooner in your pregnancy a little too far into the book. Other than that I like this book.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, And The Newborn – This book I received from my mid wife. I have to say I really enjoy this book, and it is my favorite. I know a bit about pregnancy partly because my sister has had two children, and I have several friends that have had babies. The part that I have had the most questions about is the labor and right after birth. This book really goes in depth on those subjects and is very informative. I would defiantly recommend this book.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting – A friend loaned this book to me, and I am glad she did. This book is in question and answer format, so for each month there are questions that are most common for that month. Most of the questions I have had during a certain month have been answered in the chapter on that month. This book is very useful.