Mixing Media – In Words

An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Through our parents we became friends. When my family came over, you drew me in forcing me to be social. My memories from that time are few, but I remember playing chess and braiding your hair. When I moved to a different congregation, you continued to contact your introverted friend, and we stayed close even though we did not visit with each other as often.

Then teenage years hit for me and being the snotty teenager I felt too old for you, even though you’re not much younger than me. I viewed myself as “all that” and mature. Ha, an inaccurate viewpoint. But teenagers can be horrible persons and our friendship remained in the peripheral for me.

Then I met my husband and retreated into neverland like most couples do. After a couple years, my husband and I exited that land to rejoin reality. There I was seven years older and realizing what I jerk I had been, but you will still there, still my friend. Now I had matured a tiny bit and understood what a true friend was, you.

Eventually, I got pregnant, had my son, and postpartum depression. Who was there for me? You! You came over to my house and took my boy so I could have a break. You hung out with me through all the crying, confusion, and rage. You are a genuine friend. A loving and caring person who deserves the best.

That is why when your man arrived in your life, I became nervous. Nervous that he would not treat you as the angel you are. But I realized he matched you, loving and caring, and my nervousness disappeared. Yesterday you two married each other and my heart got snuggly and warm to see you so happy, you deserve to be happy. I love you.

If you are wondering how this fits into the theme of mixing media, well it has to do with the pink words. Instead of it just being all black font like usual I mixed it up by highlight certain words to make a new sentense that has meaning to the post. Kind of like the book poems you see on pinterest.

Mixing Media

Radical Authenticity – In Words

I touched on today’s theme two weeks ago when I shared how I want to stop being what everyone else wants me to be. I also shared a picture showing the reality of my life and not the zoomed in version hiding the things I don’t want you to see.

Over the past years, I have shared my addictions with my readers (and there has been many addictions). I enjoy learning new things but then as soon as I understand it, my interest fades and learn something new. But the decade of posts where I showed what I wanted my audience to see gave everyone a false impression of who I am.

What did I show? My successes, the pleasant things, the one good picture out of twenty-five horrible ones, all while hiding the mistakes that got me to the success. Those people who don’t socialize with me, except on the rare occasion, only saw what I shared. They only saw “a Susie-homemaker” (Someone actually described me as that one time.), a great house and someone whose life resembled their Pinterest feed. But they didn’t see the messy house or the busy everyday life that turned the Pinterest feed into a dream.

And that is the problem with social media, we draw conclusions from what we are shown. If someone shares the dandelion wine they made we assume that their whole life is a DIY special because in the last post they made venison jerky. But we fail to remember the time between posts and we fail to observe the other things going on in their life.

But they are not a DIY special. Their life is work and eating and sleeping and dreaming, like everyone else, but unfortunately, we never get that false image of them out of our heads because we have already judged the person.

That is why I will only share the true me. My feelings, my day (even if it’s boring), all while being unedited. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Radical Authenticity